How You Can Get Term Life Insurance For as Low as $19/Month*, With No Medical Exams

*10-year term, $200,000, 30-year-old female
The fear of leaving our loved ones with debt if something happens to us is a common concern for many Canadians with dependants. Who will cover the mortgage? Who will help with the children’s access to higher education? Placing that sole responsibility on your spouse can be challenging for them to undertake.
A term life insurance plan is the perfect, affordable solution to help any family remain financially safeguarded after a loss.

Term life insurance rates get more expensive the longer you wait

The older we get, the more expensive life insurance rates will be. Since life insurance plans consider your age when you apply, and the older you are, the more susceptible you are to becoming ill, it makes sense that you would be paying more for coverage at an older age. But you can lock in a lower rate by not putting off getting insured.
By getting a term life insurance plan now, you can secure your fixed premium for the entire term length you select. With Termlite, we’re making term life insurance not only as affordable as it has ever been but also as accessible and straightforward as ever before.

Applying for coverage in minutes

It all starts with our simple online form. It’s so easy that you can complete it in 30 seconds. Once that is submitted, one of our helpful advisors will reach out to you and provide you with free, no-obligation quotes for term life insurance plans that best match your needs and budget.
If you are happy with the rates given to you, you can purchase the plan right over the phone and finalize your coverage in the same call. We can email and direct mail your policy to you once the purchase is made.

The four main benefits of Termlite’s term life insurance coverage

When a claim is made, your plan’s benefit goes directly to your selected beneficiaries to be used in any way they wish. Typically, the benefit is used to help cover final expenses like funeral costs and other end-of-life expenses. But your beneficiaries can also use the funds in several ways, including:

No medical exams are required.

When applying for a plan, you are never forced to undergo any invasive medical exams to qualify.

Zero paperwork.

There are no 100-page health questionnaires to complete; in fact, there is no paperwork at all when you apply.

Choice of coverage lengths.

You can choose between 10, 20, and 30-year terms or coverage up to age 100. There is always a term length that can match any need.

Guaranteed premiums.

Your premiums are entirely locked in at the start of the selected coverage period and cannot increase. So, you always know how much your life insurance costs.

If you’re ready to learn more about your options and get free no-obligation quotes, complete our short free quote form now!

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