7 Best Budgeting Apps: Improve Your Finances on Your Smartphone

7 Best Budgeting Apps: Improve Your Finances on Your Smartphone

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Don't have time to sit down and write down your income and expenses each month? Don't like keeping your receipts? Finding the easiest budget app to manage your money means you can save better and even develop your financial skills quicker!

In this article, we’ve gathered the best budgeting apps that will help you take control your bank accounts — the last one might surprise you!


What is the Best Budgeting App in Canada?

Mint: the most popular of the budget apps

Mint is an application with simple and intuitive navigation, but it is only available in English. With 24 million users, you can manage all your finances in the app, check your credit score and get tips to better manage your budget.

As an attractive bonus, the app is linked to Turbotax and warns you when your taxes are due.

Easytax Application

This new free app, currently only available in Canada, allows you to calculate how much meals at restaurants will cost you. A meal never costs the price it's listed at, but the price that appears on your bank statement!

Simply enter the meal price, the province you are in, the tip you plan to leave, and you will obtain your actual expense.

Also, think about the meal you are ordering for delivery, is it something you would have prepared yourself? If so, maybe it is a good idea to make the meal on your own or with your partner to save money.


Here is a budget application for friends. Create a Tricount account, choose the currency, enter the participants' names, start entering the expenses, and ask for a refund.

This free app is the ideal tool for your weekends in the cottage to help easily divide up costs for food and other expenses with friends.

...Because as the saying goes, good accounts make good friends!


This application is helpful to avoid expensive international transfer fees. If you have a child studying abroad or an employee working in another country for your business, you will love this application. As work from home has become more relevant, this is an application to keep in mind to transfer money internationally at a low cost.

Although the app itself and registration is 100% free, this app isn't completely free nor does it have a free version. With that said, your first transfer will be free of charge up to $800.

Basically, Wise is remunerated on the fixed and variable fees applied on your transfer and known in advance. Everything is displayed, no surprise charges at the end of the month!

Your Bank's App

For a free budgeting app that helps you keep track of our money and purchases, try where you keep your bank accounts! Most banking institutions have developed their own apps to ease budget management.

You can check every day how your bank account is doing, and set up notifications for large purchases. Plus, you can make your monthly credit card and debt payments automatic. That means no more late fees.

With your bank's app, you can easily check your budget daily or weekly to see what you can afford.

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is the number 1 application in Canada, and it's easy to understand why. This app is based on the same principle as coupons, but with one major difference.

Instead of presenting the coupon at the cash register, you claim it on the app by taking a picture of your receipt. Next, once your picture is processed, you receive a check with your savings!


This app is similar to the last one in that it finds the best coupons for many Canadian retail stores. But with this one, you simply load the coupon on your phone over the app, and show that to the cashier at checkout.

This easy-to-use app brings coupons into the 21st century, helping you to save a ton of cash at checkout!



With these budget apps at your fingertips, you'll feel in control of your finances. That means you may see a marked improvement in your budget after only a few months! Plus, You will also be more serene when it comes to taking care of yourself and your family.

...But with that said, sometimes life can throw at us more than even the best budgeting app can fix.

And that brings us to our last tool:


The Other Budgeting Tool You Didn't Think of...

What's the simplest way your family and loved ones get financial protection if something happened to you? Easy: A good life insurance policy.

At TermLite, we believe that life insurance is basic financial security. By filling out our short quote request form, we can help you find the right coverage for you!

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