Benefits of shopping for term life insurance online

Benefits of shopping for term life insurance online

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Online shopping is easy, comfortable, and quite affordable. And, in the midst of a global pandemic, it is undoubtedly safer. COVID-19 has forever changed online shopping, making it more accessible and convenient than ever before. All around the globe, all sorts of businesses decided to emigrate online, making it easier for consumers to meet all their needs in front of a screen.

And, of course, insurance companies are part of the trend!

Although insurers have been offering their services online for many years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry is experiencing a significant jump in online insurance sales. The demand for life insurance policies has seen a massive spurt over the last months, leading to the service's perfecting. Now, it is easier to find relevant information, simplified quotes, and communicate with the company in real-time, as if you were in an office.

From finding the best deals to avoiding lines and crowds, there are plenty of reasons why online insurance providers are seeing a boom and gaining the consumers' trust. However, many people still doubt the efficiency (and reliability) of online services. To break with all the preconceived ideas about online insurers, we have gathered a list of eight reasons why you should shop for term life insurance online:

You can do it from your couch.

As we all know, convenience is the biggest perk of online shopping. After all, where else could you go shopping while in your warm footie pyjama? Nowadays, you don’t need to go downtown, get in lines, or struggle with incompatible schedules to talk with a licensed agent about term life insurance. You only need an internet connection and a phone. It is that simple. Comfortably on your couch (or bed - no one is judging!), you can shop whenever you want and find all the necessary information to make a smart decision with a few clicks.

You can do it safely.

Crowded stores and offices never create a pleasant experience for the people who want to research or purchase a product. And now, during a global pandemic, this is more true than ever. During these unprecedented times, online shopping is undoubtedly the easiest and safest way to access all sorts of products. As cities go under lockdowns and nonessential businesses are being forced to close, it makes more sense than ever to use e-commerce to find the products and services we need - and that includes a life insurance plan! So if it is possible to avoid all the stress of wearing a mask and worry about interacting with strangers, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

You can save a lot of time.

Especially if you live outside a big city center, you know exactly how important it is to save time. Organizing your schedule to go to a physical office to buy insurance can take many long hours. Besides, it can also suppose several expenses that you can easily avoid by shopping online. No more need for travelling or facing long queues to get a simple quote. You can find many suitable products in a matter of minutes and ask for no-obligation quotes for all.
As for the decision-making process, take as much time as you want, as there is no pressure from an anxiously staring broker. In the online world, you are the only master of your time - and decisions!

You can compare prices and products easily.

Buying life insurance isn’t as straightforward or as quick as buying a sweater. Considering that it is the type of purchase that deserves some deliberation, it makes sense to devote some time to research the best products and prices. You might feel pressured to purchase a product you are not 100% sure about in a physical office. But in the online world, none of this happens. At home, on your computer, you are the one pulling strings. You can access an endless amount of companies, products, and fees, making it easier to make comparisons and find the perfect offer with no rush of pressure. Besides, you can also search for reviews of previous customers and get a general idea of how each insurer works. In short, shopping for life insurance online gives all the power to you!

You won’t feel as pressured as in a physical office.

Being face-to-face with an experienced broker that wants you to purchase his product can be challenging. The experience can even feel quite aggressive for some people, leading them to feel pressured into buying a product without thinking it through. In the online world, this situation will never be a problem. As you will never be face-to-face with an agent (or any sort of sales representative), you can take your time to compare rates, clear up all your doubts, and make an informed and confident decision. It is just you at your own pace!

The application process is simpler and faster.

Compared to face-to-face services, online insurance companies usually require minimum paperwork. And if we are talking about simplified plans that don’t require medical exams, this advantage is even more remarkable. No more running around to get a photocopy of ID or proof of residence. No more hassling to schedule blood tests or doctor visits. And surely no endless clauses to read through and fill out with a pen. By being managed electronically, your policy is way more comfortable to obtain than before, requiring minimum effort. The internet really is the best ally for those that don’t want to waste time - or money!

… But that doesn't mean you won’t get personalized service.

Have you received some quotes in the past but didn’t fully understand the rates and policy’s exclusions? Are you struggling to understand how you can renew your plan once the term is over? Worry not! Even though you are not physically in front of a broker, most insurance companies are equipped to give you a personalized online service, as if you were in a real office. You can hop on a phone call with a licensed advisor, contact the company through social media, and even talk with a representative by a 24/7 messaging service. Online shopping doesn’t have to be a cold and depersonalized experience if you don’t want to!

The prices are more appealing.

Most times, buying a life insurance policy online is cheaper than buying it from an agent. Why? Because in the digital world, the whole process is faster and simplified - especially when it comes to term life. This type of policy is known for being the most flexible and straightforward product within the life insurance universe. For instance, it has no savings elements attached to the coverage, which explains why it is often cheaper.
Furthermore, shopping for life insurance online allows you to compare endless companies and rates until you find the most appealing one. If you are on a budget, this is a great plus. In fact, you can even find websites that offer comparison tools that allow you to get an extensive overview of the market's best rates. Searching for the best rates has never been easier - so make good use of it before committing to any product!

TermLite is here for you!

Nowadays, most insurance companies provide all the information regarding their products and features in the online world, making it easier for potential customers to get quotes, compare prices, and find the perfect policy for their families with minimal effort.

There is no doubt: purchasing life insurance online is very empowering. Yet, we know how hard it can be to find the perfect term life plan amid so many offers. Even with all the digitalization, we realize that there are many requirements and paperwork that can make the process long and confusing, especially for older people.

That is why, at TermLite, we decided to make things easier and completely simplify the whole process. To apply for our term life insurance plans, you do not have to leave the comfort of your home for anything; the entire application can even be made from bed! As we don’t ask for medical exams or face-to-face meetings, you can enjoy a very straightforward procedure that will raise no barriers between you and the policy you need.

With us, you can choose to be protected for 10, 20, 30, or 100 years and receive a free quote within minutes. And if you want to receive more information about our plans and understand how they can benefit your loved ones, we will be happy to get in touch! Just because we are operating online, it doesn’t mean we can’t give you personalized service; our goal is to make things easier for you without ever compromising our customer service quality!

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