Life Insurance: The best Christmas gift you can give to your family

Life Insurance: The best Christmas gift you can give to your family

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This year, with lockdowns and all sorts of limitations in order, the most wonderful time of the year is bound to look very different from usual. All around the world, there won’t be family gatherings, Santa Claus parades, or enchanting Christmas markets and parties like before. As most can predict, this will be a more lonely (and potentially sad) Christmas.

As for Canada, get-togethers are being discouraged in most places across the country. In some regions currently in lockdown, like Toronto, Ontario, the most likely scenario is that Christmas celebrations are limited to each household.
Things may not be looking good, but Christmas is still Christmas, and there are specific values that we must celebrate - and one of them is our family’s safety. 

Realizing what truly matters

2020 is teaching us many things. One of the most important lessons of this pandemic is realizing what really matters in our lives and how essential it is to protect it. COVID-19 came to show us something that most people had forgotten: that life is unpredictable and that an unfortunate event can happen at any time.

In the current climate of uncertainty, we realize more than ever how valuable our friends and family are. Being physically far, unable to hug and kiss the people we love, shows us how human connection is key to our wellbeing. In that line, we also realize how essential it is to have a safety net for the people we care about the most.

In a time where we all think about the consequences of an unexpected illness, making sure that our family has the tools to stay safe becomes a priority. And by tools, we mostly refer to ways of ensuring financial stability. But how can you make sure your family has the financial means to make it through if something happens to you? Life insurance is, in most cases, the best answer.

Life insurance has a clear purpose: to guarantee that your family will be financially safe in the face of the unexpected. If something unfortunate happens to you, the policy’s benefit will cover your income’s loss and enable your family to move forward. From clearing debts to coverage for your children’s education, your beneficiaries can use the money in many ways.

So let’s be honest: isn’t life insurance the most thoughtful Christmas gift you can give to your family, especially in a year like this? If you’re not feeling convinced and still want to go with the typical socks, here's a list of six reasons why life insurance is the best present:

1. It lasts longer than a sweater

There are two main types of life insurance in Canada: term life insurance and permanent life insurance. As the names imply, a permanent policy is meant to protect you through your whole life, while a term plan only covers you for a determined period. When it comes to term life insurance, you can find highly personalized solutions. From 5 to 40-year terms, there is a broad range of options for you to choose from that will work for your needs.

The right plan for you depends on your circumstances and financial situation. For those that recently bought a house, the best option is to find a term that matches the mortgage. For those that just welcomed a baby to their lives, a 20-year term is the most popular choice, as it ensures that the child is financially secure until adulthood. Finally, for those who want to get lifelong protection and enjoy investment opportunities (like growing cash value), a whole life policy is the smartest pick.

Our point is: regardless of the type of insurance plan you choose (or even its duration), it will last longer than a normal Christmas gift does! So why don’t you go further this year and provide more than just another socks set?

2. It can be quite affordable

If you are young and healthy, buying life insurance now is the smartest financial decision you can make. Why? Because you will enjoy a good coverage amount for lower premiums and even lock them in for life.

For insurance companies, the younger and healthier you are, the less risky it is to provide you coverage. That is why you will likely be asked to take some medical tests and/or answer a health questionnaire to qualify for a life insurance policy. If you demonstrate that you are healthy and have an adequate lifestyle, you can enjoy low priced premiums. How low? Netflix monthly subscription type of low. How can anyone pass on that?

Instead of buying a new iPhone that will soon be replaced and forgotten, consider investing in life insurance. For those who want to have their financial situation organized and well-built, this is one of the wisest arrangements to make. Even if you don’t have children or a spouse, life insurance can still be an excellent investment, especially if you have outstanding debts or any sort of dependents. It is, in short, a thoughtful gift which shows how much you care about the people you love - and a gift that doesn’t even cost that much!

3. It is very (VERY) useful

A new cardigan sweater sounds nice, sure. And so does a perfume set, a Nintendo Switch, or an exclusive yoga mat. But do you really need any of those things? Chances are, you don’t. On the other hand, life insurance is very (very!) useful and the type of long term investment most people should make.

If your loved ones depend on your financial support for their livelihood, having a policy is undoubtedly more useful than a new console or beauty set. Think about it: if something ever happens to you, your family will need financial support to cover everyday living expenses and all sorts of debts (mortgage, credit cards, and car loans). What else can be more useful and valuable than guaranteeing that protection?

Besides, purchasing a life insurance plan is also a way of leaving your loved ones an inheritance and setting your kids up for a solid financial future. Consider the approaching new year and years to come: what gift could be more useful and important for your dependents?

4. It is for the whole family

Christmas is all about unity, community, family, and love. Considering all these concepts (and how important they are in a crazy year like this), finding a Christmas gift that fits all your loved ones can be quite amazing.

Board games and online cooking classes can be lots of fun; there is no doubt about it. But nothing says “I care about the people I love” as much as life insurance. After all, these types of policies aren’t exactly for you. Their ultimate goal is to provide a financial safety net for the people who matter most. It can help your spouse face daily expenses, such as the mortgage, and even put an end to outstanding debts. As for your children, the benefit of your life insurance plan can ensure that they get the education and opportunities they deserve without struggling.

As you can see, life insurance is a gift for the whole family. It is a financial tool that will prevent all of them from suffering financial distress if anything happens to you. You might have other things in mind, but if you think in practical terms, there is no Christmas gift as useful and valuable for everyone as a life insurance policy.

5. It is unique

If you are known in your family for finding the most creative and unexpected Christmas gift, you must agree with us: it can’t get more creative than buying a life insurance policy! Live up to your reputation and surprise your loved ones with a thoughtful, original, and unique gift that all of them can be part of.
What else can impress and touch your loved ones more than an insurance policy that is meant to protect them? Let’s be honest: not even a german shepherd can compare to that.

Considering that life can be unpredictable and change dramatically in a split second, getting an insurance policy is a definitive act of love. It is a way of showing, in the most effective way, that you care about your family’s future and that you want to ensure their financial safety.

No one expects Santa to bring them a life insurance policy. It is a gift that most people don’t even consider. But the truth is that few things are as useful, needed, and caring as it. Are you already imagining your family’s faces when they unwrap this present? It will be memorable.

6. It is easy to obtain

Given the current circumstances, there are two likely scenarios for you: either you are in a lockdown, unable to go to retail stores, or you are doing everything in your power to avoid shops and malls during Christmas time. Either way, the internet is assuredly going to be your best ally for these festivities.

In that sense, getting life insurance is, once again, a great option. Nowadays, to make obtaining a policy easier and quicker, most insurance companies allow you to apply online. You don't have to leave the comfort of your house (or even your couch) to obtain a life insurance policy. As you would do with any Christmas gift, you just need to do some research and apply for the plan that best meets your needs and circumstances.

At Termlite, as we don't require medical exams or face-to-face meetings, you can easily apply and obtain your insurance plan online. No lines, no waiting, no hassle. Then, you just have to print it and get a nice envelope to go with it, et voilà... you have the perfect Christmas gift for your family, with little to no effort.

How term life insurance can be the right option for you

If you are looking for an insurance plan that is both affordable and customizable, look no further: term life insurance is the best option for you. As we already mentioned, term life is a type of life insurance that guarantees protection for a set number of years. Since it is a simple policy with no savings element, it has a lower initial cost than permanent insurance policies.

Besides, it is a very flexible type of insurance, as it can easily adapt to your temporary needs. When your term ends, you have the freedom to determine whether you want to drop your coverage, convert it to a permanent plan or renew it for another period of time.

For all those reasons, term life insurance is usually more popular amongst younger couples (that just started a family, bought a house, etc.). Nonetheless, it can serve all types of people and circumstances. From providing coverage for final expenses to assisting with college costs, term life insurance can be the best option. So if you need more reasons to apply for this type of policy, don’t miss our article on the benefits of term life insurance.

How about TermLite for Christmas?

At TermLite, we know that Canadians search for reliable, affordable, and straightforward policies to cover all their needs. That is why we decided to make insurance easy - so that everyone can find the perfect plan for their circumstances without wasting time or money.

With us, you can get coverage as high as $1,000,000, with no need for medical exams, meetings, or endless paperwork. You just need to apply for one of our terms (10, 20, 30, or 100 years) and talk with one of our friendly advisors about your specific needs.

It is a quick process - but you should start it as soon as possible so that your policy is approved and printed by Christmas Eve. To do so, you only need to fill out this form and let our advisors do their magic. They might not be Santa Claus's helpers, but they will be delighted to walk you through your options and guarantee that your family receives the perfect Christmas gift.


Written by Raquel Dias

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