Term life insurance to age 100

Term life insurance to age 100

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Term life insurance is an easy and affordable type of plan for Canadians that offers protection for life in exchange for regular monthly or yearly premiums. For substantial coverage at low costs, Canadians can have peace of mind knowing their loved ones will be financially safe.

Today we are taking a closer look at Term 100 Life Insurance. This coverage option combines affordability with pure, reliable lifelong financial protection. Unlike other permanent life insurance plans, term 100 doesn’t have complicated savings components. Instead, these policies only offer life coverage and are often referred to as “pure life insurance.”

What is Term 100 life insurance?

Regular term life policies are ideal for people on a budget who want protection for a certain period of time to ensure some debts like a mortgage aren’t passed on to loved ones. Once this period is over, both your payments and coverage cease.

People who choose a whole life insurance policy pay a more expensive premium for a less significant death benefit, but their coverage continues until they pass away.

Term life insurance to age 100 is the perfect plan for people searching for affordable lifetime protection. It cannot be cancelled or changed by the insurance company. But a term 100 plan offers lower premiums than traditional whole life plans, as it is a much simpler policy without cash surrender value.

How does Term 100 work?

Term life insurance to age 100 is a simple policy that is easy to understand and buy. Here are the key features of our term 100  plan:

  • We don’t ask you to undergo any medical exams or provide us with documents from your doctor,
  • We calculate your rate base on your age, health, and life expectancy,
  • Premiums are guaranteed and remain the same for the life of your policy,
  • You stop paying your premiums at the age of 100, but your coverage carries on.
  • When you pass away, your family and heirs receive a tax-free benefit directly.

Yes, you read correctly. Benefits last a lifetime even you stop paying at age 100. And for now, as your premiums for your Term life insurance to age 100 are cheaper and won’t fluctuate, you can navigate your budget with more ease.

Your family’s financial future is protected no matter what life may throw at you, and you have the guarantee your assets will be safely transmitted to them.

Who can benefit from term 100 life insurance?

In terms of age, our term life insurance to age 100 is available to anyone between 18 and 79. But we always recommend purchasing your coverage as early as possible to lock in lower premiums for life.

A term life insurance to age 100 is the perfect plan for anyone accumulating some assets. This life insurance will help your family to pay:

  • Any real estate investment you still have a mortgage on,
  • Any unexpected bills or debt that may show up,
  • Any tax on your estate and succession.

With a term 100 plan, you have the guarantee your estate will be safely transmitted to your heirs.

Termlite’s term 100 coverage

As you can see, term life insurance to age 100 is the perfect match for anyone who wants easy to apply for life insurance. We firmly believe every person should be able to afford financial protection. This is why all our plans are available without any medical exams. You could get coverage today with a fixed and cheap premium. Are you interested in discovering your options?

Fill our free short form, and our advisor will be happy to help you find the right plan that works for your budget and your needs.


Written by Diane Taes

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