The ultimate guide to non medical term insurance

The ultimate guide to non medical term insurance

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Buying life insurance can be a vast search; you want to protect your loved ones and cover your final expenses, but all the different policies you come across can be overwhelming and confusing.

One common term that you may come across is "non medical life insurance," also known as guaranteed issue life insurance, or simplified issue life insurance. Among all the types of life insurance, as a general rule of thumb, this is the easiest to obtain a policy for - it's biggest selling point, and one that makes it especially attractive for those looking for life insurance.

Keep reading to learn what non medical term insurance is, who it may be suitable for, and whether it can be right for you.

 What Is No Medical Life Insurance

Also known as guaranteed issue life insurance, this life insurance plan is the most efficient and fastest way to get yourself insured.

Most traditional life insurance policies are contingent on passing medical underwriting, whereby applicants must disclose their medical and health history (typically with accompanying medical examinations) to determine insurability. This traditionally meant that those with pre-existing health conditions simply did not qualify for life insurance.

With guaranteed issue life insurance, there are no medical tests involved. Non-medical is a simplified issue life insurance; just health related questions, but no medical test asked by the issuing insurance company. As the name suggests, payout is guaranteed.

What is the medical underwriting asked by the life insurance providers?

These medical exams include a stress test, blood and urine analysis, and a blood pressure test to determine the level of risk you present for the life insurance company. Plus, the paperwork required may have to include a medical report from your doctor, depending on your medical history.

The process of medical exams for medical underwriting can be a tedious process; not only are many applicants rejected based on the results of said exams, they are also time-consuming, slow the application process down significantly, and can be nerve wracking to do.

Over the last few years, we have observed the market found life insurance needlessly complicated to purchase. So, we have decided to offer a no medical life insurance policy to allow any Canadian citizen or resident of Canada to get an insurance coverage. Our term life policies are available upon a simple health questionnaire and offers a guaranteed death benefit, paid in a lump sum payment directly to your beneficiaries.


What Are The Benefits Of Life Insurance Without a Medical Exam?

Standard traditional life insurance policies can be complicated to apply for and, more importantly, have the right to withhold payouts down the road. You may find that a no medical life insurance policy may be right for you over other standard traditional life insurance plans with medical exams as a qualifier.

Benefits of simplified life insurance coverage

The benefits of a simplified life insurance without a medical examination include:

  • An issue life insurance policy with instant approval
  • Coverage even with pre-existing conditions
  • A short and straightforward medical questionnaire without ambiguity
  • No medical exam or medical underwriting
  • No doctor or nurse visits
  • No face-to-face meetings with agents
  • No mountains of paperwork required to complete
  • Discounts for non-smokers
  • Affordable premiums
  • Plans that are available up to age 80
  • Tax-free benefit amounts that go directly to your beneficiaries

Who could be interested in life insurance no medical?

Simplified issue life insurance is a great fit for any person:

  • having preexisting conditions
  • practicing extreme sports
  • employed in a dangerous occupation (e.g. commercial diving)
  • with a criminal record

These four profiles may have been denied coverage in the past for traditional life insurance policies.

Interested in learning more about this kind of life insurance policy? Then let’s talk about the affordability of simplified issue life insurance. Read on!

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Is Non Medical Term Life Insurance Expensive?

First, the bad: the monthly payments on a non-medical, simplified issue life insurance policy will be somewhat higher than that of a traditional life insurance policy with accompanying medical examinations.

As life insurance companies are not able to fully know your health issues with no medical test, given the possibility of a pre-existing condition, dangerous occupation, or simply your age, the insurer takes a greater risk in order to insure you.

You may indeed develop medical conditions over the years due to poor health, lifestyle factors, or as a result of a dangerous or physically strenuous occupation.

On the other hand, if you are in good health , the insurance provider will offer you lower premiums in accordance. Your smoking status, for example, tends to be a fairly accurate indicator of long-term health (non smoker=lower premiums).

Ok, now the good part: your premiums will remain affordable as term life policies are still the most affordable of the life insurance products. Term life policies rates start from one dollar per day. Permanent life insurance such as a whole life insurance, for example, offers you a cash value you can borrow from your life insurance policy; accordingly, you would also pay a much significantly higher premium.

Depending on individual circumstances (how much you'd like to leave your beneficiaries, age and number of your dependants, whether you are the sole family earner), you may also benefit from a bigger amount of life insurance coverage - up to fifteen million of dollars of death benefits to cover much more than your final expenses. But of course, this amount of coverage would also come with a highly monthly higher premium.

Should I Get Non Medical Term Life Insurance Even If I'm Healthy? 

The short answer: yes! In fact, applying for a life insurance policy when you're healthy can often be the best decision. The future can be unpredictable, and a policy purchased when you are relatively healthy and young will help you lock in lower premiums than applying later down the road at an older age, with potentially a high number of pre-existing conditions.

As you age, it will be increasingly more difficult to get qualified. Even plans with no medical underwriting do have an age limit. The sooner you apply, the better your chances of being approved for an affordable plan with additional coverage.

As a financial safety net for no matter what happens, a non-medical term plan is still a good option to cover your mortgage debt and/or your final expenses at the very least. As this life insurance policy can be purchased directly on the phone without any medical exams, you can purchase an instant issue life insurance policy quickly and easily.

Even without any current serious health conditions, a no medical exam term policy plan can be advantageous in the long-term. With a term life policy, you can renew coverage when your term ends without having to undergo medical exams for another period of time, or even continue your existing coverage until the permanent coverage we offer. In other words, term life insurance is a flexible plan that gives you freedom to let your life insurance policy lapse, or to renew coverage should you wish.

At TermLite, we have decided to offer a permanent policy without the downsides that come with whole life or universal plans. Of all the insurance policies, Term100 is the best bargain for anyone looking for a permanent life insurance policy without higher premiums to pay every month. You can benefit from affordable coverage for your whole life, but you stop paying your premiums at age 100. Simple and efficient!

Are Non Medical Policies Safe?

A lot of people worry “Will my family members get death benefits when I pass away?”

woman thinking about buying life insurance

We understand this concern and our team of financial advisors have created a simple health questionnaire with no ambiguous questions to ensure your beneficiaries receive a death benefit in the event of your death.

Keep in mind that term life insurance policies do expire. For example, if you purchase a Term10 policy at 50 years of age, your policy will expire in ten year's time - when you're 60. You will then have the option of renewing your plan or letting it lapse; however, you death benefit will not be paid out and your premiums will not returned if you are still alive.

Only Term100 guarantees a death benefit as it works as a permanent policy, covering you for your whole life even if you live past 100.

Can I Get Non Medical Insurance If I Suffer From Heart Problems?

Cardiovascular issues do not necessarily disqualify applicants from coverage. You will be asked questions relating to heart disease in your medical questionnaire during the application process.

The status of your cardiovascular health can affect your insurance premiums; however, your smoking status and age are still the two first individual factors that can directly impact the amount you are rated.


Can I Get Non Medical Insurance If I'm Recovering From An Illness?

This depends of on several factors, including the type and severity of your pre-existing conditions or illnesses. While most traditional life insurance with medical exams will immediately deny applicants with serious pre-existing conditions, it's still possible to obtain a life insurance plan with no medical test if you have or have had a pre-existing condition such as:

  • Cancer,
  • Diabetes,
  • HIV,
  • Hepatitis,
  • Neurological problems,
  • Lung problems,
  • Mental illness (such as depression),
  • Heart problems and medical history of stroke,
  • Kidney failure.

man having a stroke

Application Process For Non Medical Life Insurance

With no medical exam to undergo, the application process for having your family members protected in the event of your death is easy and fast, with an instant approval in a matter of a few days.

Here's how the application process works from the moment you ask for a quote online:

The financial advisor contacts you to have more information regarding:

-       your potential health problems like heart disease,

-       your practice of extreme sports,

-       your insurance needs,

-       who should receive your guaranteed death benefit,

-       if you want an option of accidental death benefit,

-       your residential status.

This process is standard amongst life insurance providers as financial advisors need to establish the policy documents with the most accurate information as possible.

It is imperative that questions asked during the application process are answered honestly and accurately; any false declaration will invalidate your policy documents and thus will prevent the payment of the death benefit.

couple browsing life insurance options on internet

How Much Term Life Insurance Can I Get Without A Medical Exam? 

Regardless of whether you have existing health problems or not, whether you practice extreme sports or not, chances are, you want to leave your loved ones with financial security after you pass.

How much life insurance coverage could you get without a medical exam? If you compare life insurance providers, you may see the maximum insurance coverage term life insurance typically from from $750,000 to $1 million on average. At TermLite, we have decided to offer a death benefit up to $1,500,000 to cover even more than your final expenses should you need it.

Term life insurance can help with several financial situations after you pass away, including:

  • Leaving a significant tax-free amount of money to your beneficiaries,
  • Ensuring the survival of a business for your partner(s),
  • Keeping your business running so you can pass it on to your children,
  • Covering daily expenses for your surviving family members,
  • Erasing any debt, from consumer credit to mortgage debt for your home,
  • Paying for your final expenses (which includes funeral costs, medical bills and estate planning.)


Our team of experienced licensed advisors is ready to help you to determine the best term life insurance policy and present you an array of competitive insurance options. We are here to help with your long-term financial planning and final expenses, and this can be possible with a flexible and affordable coverage such as TermLite. In order to receive a free quote, please fill this short form and we'll be happy to help you.


Written by Diane Taes



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