Which status is the best to get a life coverage in Canada?

Which status is the best to get a life coverage in Canada?

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Whether you have Canadian citizenship status or otherwise, you need to take care of your health coverage to be fully covered. To have comprehensive health coverage in Canada, you need to think about three things: coverage for your daily health needs, what is not covered by the public health care system, and how a life insurance plan can complete the other expenses. We recommend that you get a life insurance plan to succeed your immigration and your relocation  to Canada because you insure more than just your life. We will tell you about the life insurance quotes below.

But first, in this article, we'll explain the different immigration statuses in Canada and what you need to plan for your protection and the coverage of your family. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of the Canadian healthcare system and what to expect from it. So, what status do you need to be covered in Canada?


What status for public health insurance?

Health insurance in Canada is funded by Canadian taxpayers. You can, therefore, apply for public coverage after a few months in your province or territory. It offers free healthcare coverage, but you can only get it under certain conditions, including employment (conditions are available from your provincial office). This means that most healthcare and hospital services will be free. However, a lot of medical services will not be free or reimbursed. Read carefully, until the end of this article.

Here are the statuses allowing access to this public healthcare coverage in Canada:

  • canadian citizenship
  • permanent residence
  • the status of foreign worker with a work permit (open or closed)
  • the status of international students

In some provinces, new permanent residents will have access to provincial health insurance upon arrival. In others, there is a waiting period of up to three months.

Be careful, for temporary residents, such as workers and students, you will need to get private travel insurance in Canada. This private insurance may cover health benefits not covered by the public service, during the time you wait for the permanent residence status or the citizenship depending on your plan.

In addition, you will need to take out health insurance to cover certain non-hospital medical services:

  • prescriptions
  • dental services
  • optical services
  • other forms of paramedical care (such as physiotherapy or mental health services).

The good news is that most employers will offer you additional health coverage to cover these costs once the probationary period has been confirmed.

Why buy life insurance?

Why should you buy a life insurance plan when public health and private health insurance can cover a lot of expenses? Think about it: the thing is, it's often at the last minute when you're dealing with certain bills, that you realize some expenses you hadn't thought of won't be covered. Neither the public health services nor your private health insurance will cover the following costs:

  • Ambulance services (including transport and paramedical).
  • Home care services.
  • Fees billed by hospitals or private medical institutions.
  • Diagnostic or laboratory services outside a public hospital.
  • Long-term care or residential services.
  • Assistive devices or accessories (prostheses, for example, a wheelchair, or a wig in case of cancer).
  • Your daily living expenses in the event of a job loss or if you have to stop working.

Imagine coming home from work, and your child is injured or very ill: your partner is working too, and one of you has to stop working to take care of your child. Of course, health insurance will cover hospital expenses: but in the event of sick or injury leave how will you cover the current daily expenses? How will you pay for rent, food, and other day-to-day costs?

Worse, imagine that your spouse dies as a result of a high-risk job or of an accident: will you have enough to continue living in Canada, and even raising your children there?

To anticipate the slightest problem and be sure that your life in Canada will go well, and that you can stay, you need life insurance. If you have people you love, life insurance should be part of your investment portfolio.

What if I'm young and have spare money? That's excellent news! But do you have enough to get married and create a comfortable life in Canada?

For all of this, you will need life insurance coverage. But which status should you have to get the coverage you need?

Which status to obtain a life coverage in Canada?

“I am a newcomer to Canada. Can I get a life insurance plan? ”

Absolutely yes. We even recommend it to prepare for your future in Canada. However, not all insurance companies in Canada offer it. Some require that you have Canadian nationality or permanent residence. But at TermLite, we offer life insurance plans as soon as you have an address in Canada.

Even better, no paperwork, no agent visits, and very often, no medical exam: we offer a simple and easy application process to get you covered quickly, so you can rest assured that your family’s future is secure no matter what happens during your stay in Canada.

In addition, Whole Life Insurance plans allow you to combine this complete financial security with an investment option, allowing you to build cash value while covered. Other products like annuities will help you create a comfortable retirement for yourself by providing a reliable income during your retirement years. If you are concerned about your savings as you live and retire in Canada, an annuity plan is a great option that will secure your finances later in life.

Do you see all the possibilities that a life insurance plan can offer you for your financial security and a more comfortable life?


At TermLite, we offer coverage for any resident in Canada. We only need your address and some information to offer you coverage that is best suited to your needs. Our specialists will answer this crucial question: "which life insurance plan is the best for my situation and for the good of my family?" and help integrate this life insurance coverage into your overall financial plan. To obtain a no-obligation life insurance quote, you can complete our very short quote form and we will be happy to help you build a better future here in Canada.


Written by Diane Taes

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